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Every 3 months Dacia agrees prices with Motability and offer a price guarantee. That means when you order your car you secure the current price, even if the prices changes before you collect your new car. Some cars are available for no more than the cost of your allowance, however to widen your choice of cars, you can pay what is called an Advance Payment. Advance payments are non-refundable and made to your dealer at the start of your lease. An Advance payment is simply the difference between your higher rate mobility allowance and the overall cost of your chosen car over its 3 year lease.

All vehicles purchased under the Motability scheme include metallic paint, denoted by MP.

Advance Payment
Logan MCV
Ambiance 1.2 16V 75
Ambiance TCe 90
Ambiance dCi 90
Constant Lease
Constant Lease
Lauréate 1.2 16V 75
Ambiance TCe 90

*At the current time the Duster and Logan MCV, and other versions of the Sandero and Sandero Stepway are not available via the Motability scheme.

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